My Garden Hotel Ataşehir

At My Garden Hotel, which serves to offer a pleasant accommodation experience, we offer spacious and stylish rooms to suit your needs and budget.

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Direct Booking a Best

It is very easy to make a direct reservation to My Garden Hotel. Make your selections and see room availability instantly. Book the room that suits your needs now from 5 different room types.

My Garden Hotel reservation. Easy booking. For your questions, you can reach us at 0 (542) 149 0534

Ataşehir Hotel Reservation:

  • Select dates
  • See room availability
  • Select number of adults
  • Select number of children and their ages
  • Book easily

My Garden Hotel Rooms

Our hotel has 35 spacious, comfortable and well-equipped rooms, ideal for a pleasant stay. The rooms vary in size from 20 m² to 40 m² and are of 5 different types.

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Standard Room

We have 17 Standard Rooms of 25 m² in size. Check out Standard Hotel Room features, amenities and photos.

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Comfort Room

We have 6 Comfort Rooms of 30 m² in size. Check out Comfort Hotel Room features, amenities and photos.

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Deluxe Room

We have 4 Deluxe Rooms of 35 m² in size. Check out Deluxe Hotel Room features, amenities and photos.

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Family room

We have 1 Family Room of 40 m² in size. Check out Family Hotel Room features, amenities and photos.

img/en/min/hotel/hotel-room/penthouse-room/penthouse-room.jpg-|-Ataşehir Hotel Penthouse Room Image-|-Penthouse Room Image

Penthouse Room

We have 5 Penthouse Rooms of 20 m² in size. Check out Penthouse Hotel Room features, amenities and photos.


Comfortable Ataşehir Hotel

We serve you to have a pleasant accommodation experience with our services and facilities. We have 35 comfortable rooms of different sizes and types in our hotel.

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Ataşehir Hotel

Hotel in a central location in Ataşehir, close to attractions. Reception open 24/7.

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Boutique hotel

A 35-room boutique hotel where you can have a pleasant stay with its services and facilities.

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Comfortable Rooms

35 spacious, well-equipped and comfortable hotel rooms of different sizes and 5 different types.

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Turkish breakfast

Ideal for a pleasant start to the day with a delicious Turkish breakfast.

Better Accommodation Experience

Centrally located, close to attractions, many room options, comfortable rooms of different sizes, Turkish breakfast. The address of a pleasant holiday.

Ataşehir Hotel

Centrally located, very close to attractions, Ataşehir hotel open 24 hours a day.

Boutique Hotel Concept

Boutique hotel concept with comfortable, spacious and well-equipped rooms and facilities.

Different Room Options

5 different types of rooms with sizes ranging from 20 m² to 40 m².

Equipped and Comfortable

Safebox in the rooms, free parking with cameras, free wi-fi throughout the hotel

Reception open 24/7

There is a 24-hour reception, a year-round hotel, and room service throughout the day.

Ideal City Hotel

You can make a reservation at our hotel at any time of the day throughout the year.